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We are passionate about helping businesses that care about the impact they are having on the environment. No matter how big or how small, everyone can make a positive impact.

Whether you switch to a 100% green energy tariff, install EV Charge points or make small changes to how environmentally efficient your office runs with one of our Smart Office (IoT). These are ways you can help reduce your impact on the environment.

If you would like to find out how we can help your business become greener, please contact us today, and one of the team members will be happy to help.

We know that all businesses want to reduce their carbon footprint, but change can be daunting. With global warming becoming a topical subject, it wont be long before government makes mandatory changes for all businesses to become greener.

That’s where we step in; here at Quadrant Tech we can offer you multiple green energy solutions, today.

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Electric Vehicle Charging

With an increase in people switching to electric vehicles due to affordability and range of models available, businesses are installing (electric vehicle) EV charging solutions at their office premises. This is so they can accommodate these positive environmental changes. 

Alongside these benefits, there are of course additional benefits in running and maintenance costs.

More information

Step by step guide to EV charging

We will arrange a no-obligation site survey to assess your requirements.

Handle every aspect of the process, from initial consultation through to installation and maintenance packages.

Provide specialists to install EV charging solutions at your premises or workplace.

Help provide your business with green energy, to improve your carbon footprint even further.

Ensure you benefit from the government-backed Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) where you can get up to £500 per charging point.