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We offer network cabling services throughout the UK with over 175 UK based field engineers ready to support on-site, with everything from new installations to additional cabling or hardware.

Our services are fully bespoke from an initial site survey through to comms room build and implementation to ensure each step in the process is fully managed and delivered timely and to plan.

Give the team a call to discuss your initial requirements, we’ll be happy to offer any support and guidance you need with no obligation.

Service include

Comms Room – PoE Switches, Patch Panels, Cabinets, Routers and more

FTTC – Fibre and Business Broadband

Leased Lines** – High speed dedicated lines to your business

Wi-Fi – Seamless Wi-Fi mesh throughout premises

Data Cabling & Hardware – Floor to wall ports for easy access

Comms Room – PoE Switches, Patch Panels, Cabinets, Routers and more

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Cabinet works and installations



Design, Planning & Installations

Site Surveys

Desk Cable Management

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Power Cabling

AV Cabling


CCTV Cabling

Data Cabinet Management

**Gigabit Voucher Scheme

The Gigabit Voucher Scheme, part of the Local Full Fibre Networks Programme, providing SME businesses with grant funding of up to £2,500 to upgrade to a Gigabit capable full fibre Internet connection.

Fibre based networks offer faster, more reliable Internet connectivity and are essential for businesses wanting to connect to the Cloud and access new markets, increase productivity as well as future-proof for the digital challenges of tomorrow.

The Gigabit Voucher Scheme will provide up to £67 million of funding to SME businesses across the whole of the UK.  The scheme will run until 2021 or until the funding has been fully allocated.

  • Provides businesses with up to a £2,500 government grant
  • Voucher can be used toward installation & equipment costs
  • Contact out team who will confirm your eligibility
  • Futureproof your business with highly scalable fibre Internet connectivity

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