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Electric Vehicle Charging

With an increase in employees, customers, suppliers and visitors switching to electric vehicles as more attractive and affordable brands and vehicles become available in the UK market, we see ever more companies installing electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions at their office premises to accommodate these positive environmental changes. Alongside these benefits there are of course in running and maintenance costs.

What we can do for you:

  • We will arrange a no obligation site survey to assess your requirements.
  • Handle every aspect of the process, from initial consultation through to installation and maintenance packages.
  • Provide the specialists to install EV charging solutions at your workplace.
  • Help provide your business with green business energy, to improve your carbon footprint even further.
  • Ensure you benefit from the government backed Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), where you can get up to £500 per charge point.

Simple process: Call the QT team – Arrange a Site survey * – Proposal Delivered – Installation booked

* Cost applies refundable on installation

Benefits of Electric Vehicle Charging:

  • Benefit from government grants* to help with costs.
  • Create a competitive advantage.
  • Attract and retain employees and customers.
  • Reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Generate indirect profits to your business.
  • Save on fuel and maintenance.
  • Build your brand reputation.

* Terms apply and grants available for a limited period

The Numbers ££

  • Jaguar I-Pace
  • Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV’S)
  • Runs at 3.1 miles per kWh.
  • Average retail price of electricity in the UK is £0.15.
  • That’s £581 per year or £2905 over five years.
  • £2,905 (to run over 5 years)


  • Audi Q3
  • ICE Vehicle (Internal Combustion Engine)
  • Runs at roughly 12.4 miles per litre.
  • Average price of diesel in the UK is £1.30 per litre.
  • That’s £1,256 per year or £6200 over five years. 
  • £6,200 to run over 5 years