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Helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Businesses are looking for ways to mitigate any future COVID-19 outbreaks within their space: to protect their employees and keep business disruption to a minimum.

One proven way to manage this situation, is to monitor the temperature of everyone who enters and leaves the building. This Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring solution accurately identifies elevated body temperature which could indicate a fever – one of the symptoms of a viral infection such as COVID-19. This is done without any contact: across groups and uses facial recognition to build up a library of individuals usual body temperature.

Product Information

High Accuracy Thermal Body

Temperature Monitoring


Temperature monitoring accuracy ±0.3°C


Efficiency improved by 800%

Safe & Contactless Measurement

Measurement up to 3m

Multi-target Measurement

Up to 30 targets detected at the same time

Intelligent Analysis

Face mask detection accuracy >95%

Flexible to Deploy

Rapid installation & flexible deployment