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VoIP telephony is a telephone system that is based in the Cloud, rather than in your office. This eliminates the need for a PBX system.

What is VoIP?

Our VoIP systems (Voice over Internet Protocol) allow businesses to make and receive calls digitally through your internet connection, rather than having to role yon your traditional phone lines. The VoIP telephony is much more modern, and has advanced benefits that you may not receive with a standard business telephone. When you want to use your VoIP system, you simply dial the number you want to call, like you would with any other phone. The PBX element will be held in a secure data centre, this is because we will host this. All users can access the VoIP system in different ways, which will allow you to have complete flexibility, which means you can even work remotely with ease. The VoIP also allow you to stay in constant contact with your customers and colleagues all hour of the day. We set up these systems for businesses all across Hemel Hempstead, providing them with more flexibility and improve productivity. There are so many advantages to these systems and businesses see them within days of switching.

Whether you are a small business or a larger corporation, our VoIP systems have different benefits that can meet all kinds of requirements. For one, small, independent business owners can work anywhere without having to worry about missing a phone call from a prospective customer. As for giant businesses, VoIP systems are ideal for accommodating both nationwide and worldwide requirements, allowing you to hold virtual meetings, instant message or ensure 100% of all calls are answered through the hunt group option. There as many advantages to these VoIP systems and we want our customers across Hemel Hempstead to see for themselves. we work closely with worldwide providers, including 8×8, Ring Central, NFON, Flow & Gamma’s Horizon. Our team wants the best for it’s clients, and that’s why we are active on promoting the quality of these systems and how they can improve the performance of any business dramatically.

IP Desk Phone – This works just like the traditional desk phone but with more functionality

Desktop softphone – This is a screen-based virtual phone with headset. Calls are made and received over a broadband connection to the network.

Mobile Phone App – This application gives full access to the same services you obtain on your Desktop and allow complete flexibility for staff that are field based or mobile.

VoIP is an increasingly popular product offering that delivers efficient, cost effective telephony to business of all sizes.


Is VoIP cost effective?

VoIP is faster and performs greater than a traditional network, you may think this sounds expensive, however there is no need for costly figures on-premises PBX or maintenance. Therefore, the cost for a VoIP system is reduced massively, which means there is no significant cost and instead you get excellent quality for a great product.  They offer free, low-cost calls which is one of the most significant benefits of this device, making it a cost-efficient upgrade to any business.

We want to make it known to businesses across the Hemel Hempstead area that VoIP telephony systems are the way forward if they are looking to save money and increase their performance when it comes to communication. We can’t stress enough the system flexibility and scalable licensing, and when you consider this system, you can reap the software benefits such as hunt groups, instant messaging, video conferencing, call recording, reporting and more.

Mobile App

Make and receive calls and messages via the phone app (iOS and Android) using your dedicated virtual phone number.

Conference Calling

Effortless collaboration with audio and video conferencing for up to 100 users

Desktop App

Make and received calls and messages from your dedicated virtual phone number and control how your call is handled


What is VoIP?

Known by many names including Internet phones, Hosted Telephony, Cloud Telephony. VoIP phones and systems are just like any other traditional desk phone and will normally operate in the same way. The difference is that the calls travel over the internet rather than traditional phone lines such as ISDN and PSTN.

Do Cordless Phones work with VoIP systems?

A. Yes. There are a wide range of handsets available to support this and are compatible with VoIP

What is the main reason for VoIP

A. With BT no longer supplying ISDN lines and high PBX costs, moving to a VoIP system future proofs your business and offer many advantages, as VoIP is a software product, you’ll always have the latest most up to date product with no ongoing PBX maintenance costs. ISDN

What are the main benefits of Changing to VoIP?

A. Reduced costs, less maintenance, staff working flexibility, greater productivity and always current

Is VoIP Cheaper than a traditional PBX Phone system?

A. In the majority of cases, Yes. Traditional PBX systems require a significant capital outlay or long lease to purchase the equipment and then maintain the unit during its life. With a VoIP system the only hardware required is the desk phone (if required) the VoIP product is software that carries a monthly licence fee for each user but is always up dated with the latest software at no additional cost and there is little to no maintenance day to day

Who can use VoIP phone system?

A. Anyone and everyone. Whether you’re a small business with less than 5 employees to large corporates and Contact Centres, a VoIP system will offer benefits to all businesses

What should I be aware of when looking for a new VoIP System?

A. Your office connectivity is Key when looking at a VoIP system. As the VoIP system runs over your internet connectivity is vital this is sufficient to support your calls, PC’s and data running through your business. Quadrant Tech will always carry out full Site surveys prior to order to establish your current connectivity speed and suitability for a VoIP system