Energy Comparison

When it comes to controlling finances there’s no doubt that the energy bills stack up. Gas and electricity are essential commodities and, as such, will always form a portion of your annual costs. However, there are choices that you can make to reduce the amount you’re paying for energy.

Just by switching suppliers you can save up to 30% on your bills. So how do you go about making an informed decision about which providers to use and which deals are best suited to your business needs?

70% of firms have trouble comparing energy tariffs and 40% have never switched supplier according to research by the Federation of Small Businesses.

Business Energy Explained

40% have never switched supplier!!

This is surprising when you consider the scale of savings that could be made by businesses. A lack of understanding about the different suppliers, customer loyalty, concern about the time and effort it may involve, and mistrust of lesser known suppliers are all perceived issues standing in the way of making a switch to a different energy provider.

However, Quadrant Tech Ltd are fully accredited for the energy comparison service ensuring switching is not a long and complicated process that many believe it to be.

Whatever the size of your company energy bills can be a drain on your running costs. Heating, lighting and equipment are all essential to keep your business functioning. It’s all too easy to get stuck on a Deemed tariff or a tariff that’s simply not right for your business.

We appreciate that energy supply isn’t the most exciting product to review and power is available at the flick of a switch and at Quadrant Tech Ltd we understand that.

Companies vary in size and scale, so too do their energy requirements, so when it comes to gas and electricity usage it’s certainly not a case of one size fits all. That’s why we use a bespoke comparison tool that will search energy suppliers and find you the best energy rates for your individual needs.

With energy prices set to rise we can search, review, compare and highlight the best deals for you even if that means we supply gas and electricity from two different energy suppliers.

When it comes to switching energy suppliers, many businesses can be put off by, what they fear will be, a long and complicated task. However, the team at Quadrant Tech we take the strain and ensure the comparisons and available rates are clear and transparent, allowing you to make informed decisions on your future energy supply.


Whether you’re looking for a fixed term tariff from one supplier to help you manage the amount you spend on gas and electricity or whether you think a blend of suppliers may better suit your business, we’re here to help.

By making the decision to switch you could save a large amount of money in the long run. Dependent on your current arrangement there are saving to be made and with prices on the increase why not review and lock in the lowest current rates now. We can look at securing the very best rates now for up to 12 months ahead.

For property owners and business with multiple sites, gas and electricity costs can really stack up and there are large financial savings to be made by switching suppliers